Who We Are

In 1974, March Products Inc. began a worldwide journey to deliver amazing value to consumers, starting with our signature manufacturing program for shade products and accessories. Since that time, we’ve gone to the ends of the earth in search of inspiration, design, products, partners, team members, materials, facilities, and equipment that can build an organization like the one we have today. With millions of square feet in global facilities that carry out product design, manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution, March is the perfect partner to help deliver branded products into a supply chain built for the 21st century.

We invite you to join us as we chart a course into the future of product development and commerce. With our growing retail brands, our OEM manufacturing capabilities, our product development and sourcing teams, our digital connectivity and infrastructure, we are changing the way products are developed and brought to market. We now specialize in helping you build and deliver on a growing range of item categories, from Shade products and textile goods, to furnishings, décor, lifestyle items, and innovative technology.

Contact us today, to learn about the many ways in which we can build a partnership together.

March Products, always moving forward.